NOV 08

TRUMP – A Theatrical Concerto by Gene Pritsker
with Philippe Quint, Kristjan Jarvi, Absolute Ensemble & video by Graham Elliot

Tue November 8th, 2016
(le) Poisson Rouge, NYC

Minimum Age: All Ages

Doors Open: 6:00PM
Show Time: 7:00PM
Event Ticket: $15 / $20
Day of Show: $20 / $25

Not an opera, but an artistic look at one of todays most polarizing figures and his political ambitions. Musical interpretations of his most outrageous statements, his relationships and ideas. The solo violinists in this theatrical concerto plays the part of the Devil, who is present for all of Trumps bizarre actions. A Di.J. (digital jockey) spins actually audio samples of Trumps words, a baritone plays the role of Trump as various singers and actors are cast in roles including Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump and Benjamin Franklin. The musicians of the Absolute Ensemble are cast in the role of the general public; his supporters and opponents,. The 45 minute piece delves into the mind set of this character, not unlike Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’s ‘8 Songs of Mad King’ delved into the mind set of King George III.
Philippe Quint – violin, Absolute Ensemble, Kristjan Jarvi – conductor, Gene Pritsker – Di.J., Charles Coleman – baritone, Sharon Harms – soprano, Anya Migdal – actress, Mark Kostabi – actor, Graham Elliot – VJ


Absolute Ensemble Presents: Lost Tribes
Wednesday, November 2nd @ 10:15pm

Absolute Ensemble lead by eclectic Estonian conductor and producer Kristjan Järvi gets together with HAUSCHKA and Folk Music Star Maarja Nuut to revive the Nordic Spirit in a unique Music Show. In celebration of Nordic cultures, their connection to the purity of nature, creativity of culture and progressiveness of society, “Lost Tribes” promotes the musical heritage of the Finno-Ugric Tribes and interprets them into a modern Sound.In combination of the Absolute Ensemble ́s fusion of rock, big band and acoustic sound mixed with urban electronics, Hauschka adds his prepared Piano Sound on top of Maarja Nuut ́s hypnotic looped folk fiddling and singing that will put you into a trance, and Graham Elliot will control visuals.

OCT 2014

Absolute Korea feat./Sarah Chang, violinist

Absolute and Sarah Chang perform for the festival of performances celebrating the completion & opening of Zara Hadid’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza. A massive convention center, constituting a heroic set of structures, set right in the middle of Seoul’s garment district. Additional performances through out S. Korea, including Seoul’s main concert halls, and a final concert in futuristic, coastal Busan, in the south of S. Korea.